Mar 13, 2013

Arrowhead Season Is Upon Us

 Just got an email from fellow upstate New York treasure hunter Jonathon Just with a couple of  recent finds he made around the Albany New York area. But I'll let him tell the story below.
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So here are the two points that I found. 
The one on the left is a Levanna point, probably 700-900AD and were pretty common in NY and NE.  The tip is broken off but still a cool find.  The piece on the right looks like it was a scraper or blunt projectile point and the base has broken off.
The area where I found these is Southwest of Albany in an area that was settled by the Dutch in the 1600s.  Descendents of that original family still reside there.  The old woman who I spoke with this morning said that her grandparents used to tell stories of the family being able to see the Native Americans' campfires through the woods at night.
They're not the best point in the world, but the thrill of finding even a broken one is great.  It's even better with a cool story like the one I heard today.
Jonathon Just

Mar 12, 2013

How To Fly Your Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

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