Mar 19, 2010

Atocha Margarita Expedition

I know quite a few of you out there would love the shot at going pro! What do I mean? Have you have ever wondered what it might be like to join in the search for sunken Treasure? Today's the day!          Click HERE to find out how!!!

Mar 18, 2010

Gold Doubloons on Pass-A-Grille Beach Florida

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This St Pete area beach is exactly the kind of place I like to hit on a semi-regular basis and is also the kind of site that I will be camped out at after the next hurricane blows through!

Long before Treasure Dave and I were knee high to a grass hopper, Gold Doubloons have been washing up on this beach!

I would highly recommend shallow water hunting here as it is allowed.
Start your search in front of the Hotel Don Cesar(the big pink place) and flip a coin for north or south.

Chances are Excellent for recent loss and antique jewlery here as well as the outside chance of GOLD.

Remember I am talking about water shooting at this site .. being on the beach is so so .. In the water your chances go up about 95% !!

I have heard of Gold coins being found here repeatedly so watch the weather and get a move on ...Todays the day!

Mar 17, 2010

Cache of coins found while metal detecting- LIVE!

Treasures of Seahorse Key, Florida

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Local legend has it that the pirate Jean Laffite used this island west, south west of Cedar Key as a base camp in the early 1800's. The Islands high ground provided a natural stratigic advantage and it was also noted that an extremley tall tree was used as a kind of 'crows nest' or lookout for the Island, back in the day.
An unknow number of treasure chests are supposed to be buried on the island, this information coming from an excellent source and old maps.As an added bonus, Seahorse Key was also used during the Civil War by  Confederate forces who set up a cannon battery on the island (three brass cannon are believed to still be there) all in all well worth a visit ! Both Treasure Dave and myself unanimously agree that we need to hit this one ASAP.If any one out there has already pulled of a beach assault.. let us know.

Mar 16, 2010

Treasures of the Upper Florida Gulf Coast- Fowlers Bluff

This site is located on the Suwannee River just a few clicks upstream from the Gulf of Mexico on the southern bank. The story goes that the pirate Jean Laffite buried several chests, each containing a small fortune in Gold and other priceless artifacts. At least three large scale recovery attempts have been made at this site, one of these resulted in a sizeable recovery way back in the late 1880's!
The story goes that a kindly owner of a local saw mill stumbled upon an elderly man that was close to death.
He provided the old timer with food and shelter and in return he produced a treasure map to his stunned benefactor. The old timer had claimed that he had first hand knowledge of several different treasure sites as he was a privateer in his younger days. The saw mill owner took the map and started his search in a nearby cypress swamp, eventually coming to a spot near what is now present day Fowler's Bluff. Here he found several very old marked trees, indicating he was in the right spot. He ran back to his saw mill and gathered a large crew of saw mill workers and returned to the site. A short time later after working day and night the crew hit something hard in one of the holes, the saw mill owner paid off the workers and set about finishing the excavation on his own. To this day no one knows exactly what came out of that hole... Click Here to Read more!!

Mar 15, 2010

Treasure of the Upper Florida Gulf Coast- Bailey's Bluff

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#2 Bailey's Bluff
This is a high bluff overlooking the Gulf of Mexico half way between Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey Florida. Many an old tale has told of of Silver Bars and old coins being dug up all around this area. I'm told a small Island located in the middle of a lagoon called 'Dubloon Island' (go figure) legend has it that Jose Gaspar buried many chests of Gold Dubloons either in or around the immediate area.In fact many old coins have been reported to have unearthed in the vicinity of this Island!
I've also read a story of a construction crew striking pay dirt while digging a foundation in this area, supposedly digging up seven Silver Bars!!
Research shows that either a French or Dutch Fort was constructed on or very near to the present day Bailey's Bluff and judging from the number of reported artifacts that have been found in the vicinity both Treasure Dave as well as myself give this site a resounding 'Two Detectors Up' rating!!

Mar 14, 2010

Treasures South&West Of Charlotte Harbor Florida - Bokeelia

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#1- Bokeelia
This is a long,narrow island just off the northern end of Big Pine Island.
Local legend has it that this used to be the headquarters for the Bocilla Brothers,who had their own ship but chose to sail with the infamous pirate Jose Gaspar!
At first,they had their headquarters on Cara Pelau Island along with the rest of Gaspar's men until fights began to erupt between the fueding pirate crews!
The Bocilla gang separated and established themselves on Bokeelia.
There have been many old reports going back as far as the early 1900's of 'Chests' being unearted on this island, most of the old stories center around the long forgotten Bocilla village.
The old treasure tales speak of pirate booty being found west of the old village site!
Myself and Treasure Dave both agree that the possibility of a treasure score is excellent in this area.
I've also heard stories of Gold coins being found on and around old Indian Mounds on the island! (We do not advise desecration of old Indian sites!)

Mar 10, 2010

Treasure X Files ...Coins Found Inside Old Clothesline Pole.

FLORIS — Art Cochell has discovered a coin collector’s paradise in his own backyard.
A couple years ago when he was tearing down part of an old clothesline pole on his property, Cochell noticed some antique coins on the ground that had fallen from the severed pipe.
Cochell has lived at the residence for around five years now. He had heard a rumor that the man who lived in the house prior had put coins down the clothesline pole.
When they cut down part of the iron pole, some of the coins must have fallen on the ground. Cochell said curiosity got the best of him, so he took his flashlight and metal detector and discovered more coins embedded in the ground.
Most of the coins have withstood corrosion and weathering, but with a little washing up, they could be very valuable. Cochell estimates the coins that he has already recovered are valued at $150 or more.
“I will probably put them in a collection,” he said. “I have nine grandkids that I will pass them down to later on.
“This is more than I would have ever dreamed I could find in my lifetime.”
Cochell said as he digs deeper, the older the coins are. He uses a Shop Vac to get the coins out from the pole in the ground, but Cochell said if necessary, he will dig up the entire pole to retrieve more.
So far, the collection consists of several dozen Liberty and Franklin half-dollars, several Mercury and Roosevelt dimes and older pennies and nickels, all silver coins, except the pennies. Most of them date back to 1964 or earlier and they have found coins from the 1930s.
“This is a dream find for metal detectors,” he said.
“We’ve hit the motherload.”

Finding Treasure without a Metal Detector?

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Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania Treasure Teaser !!

Treasure clues from the past ... Click here to read more!!!

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Mar 4, 2010

The Key To Treasure Hunting Success!

I'm asked all the time, what my favorite metal detector ? Or another good one is, how did you find all that neat stuff? Lets answer these one at a time.
# Favorite Machine - I've had lots of favorite metal detectors but first and foremost is knowing how to fly your machine!! Just like airplanes and cars, anybody can grab the controls or get behind the wheel but knowing what your doing is optional!! Buying the best machine in the world does not guarantee Treasure ... but it sure does help. I started out with a Fisher CZ-20 mainly because I knew I wanted the ability to hit land and water, basically an 'All Weather' machine.
Where is your area of operation going to be? Are you a weekend warrior or the next Mel Fisher??
I could go on all day, point being is your either in the game or your not and trust me, equipment does matter!
#Research - Yup .. I'll say it again -Research, you can't go metal detecting without it!
If you have a spot in mind and you haven't found an old map online or at the library, you need too.
Old Newspaper's and magazines are also a wealth of information. Just like the maps posted above, you should be able to have enough information on a potential treasure site to make an archeologist blush ..