Oct 29, 2011

eTreasurehunter Saturday Matinee-River Finds!

Very informative video on shallow water treasure hunting with a group of pro's who will show you exactly how its done! This video is over 45 minutes in length so grab a snack, sit down and get comfortable.. and take some notes. The Garrett AT Pro is really starting to grow on me, at under $600 bucks this metal detector is truly an awesome buy . Find Out More- AT Pro Metal Detector

Oct 28, 2011

Metal Detectives

                                      Lost your high school ring?- Click Here To Read More

                                      Modern Day Treasure Detective-Click Here To Read More

Bronze Age Treasure Hoard Found In Manorbier, Wales

                                   Click Here To Read More

Oct 25, 2011

U.S. Court Sinks Sunken Treasure Lawsuit

              Spanish gold ship "San Jose," which sank off the coast of Colombia in 1708.                     Click Here To Read More

Mystery Treasure Ship?

                                         Archaeologists find mystery shipwreck
                   Sometimes even when you have all the pieces, it's still difficult to solve the puzzle.
                     That's what archaeologists working off the coast of Florida have come to learn.
Artifacts from one mystery shipwreck are about 200 years old, but the teams aren't sure which side-
                                            of the Revolutionary War this ship supported.

Treasure Hunters May Have Discovered The Watery Grave Of Sir Francis Drake

                                     Click Here To Read More

Oct 14, 2011

Silver Coin Treasure- The Aquachigger Scores Big !!

I'm actually thinking about buying a Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector after watching this .. Beau knows 'Stream detecting' so if he likes it .. I like it.

Oct 10, 2011

Lost Treasure- Cache Of Coins Found In Sioux City Area

Two young girls find a small cache of old coins! Sometimes you don't need a metal detector to find treasure! Every once in a while the treasure finds you ..