Jun 16, 2013

Finding Gold Off Of Florida's Treasure Coast !

Ever wonder what it would feel like to find lost Spanish gold? How about a beautiful 1711(Lima) Eight Escudo gold coin to be exact. Its out there  !!

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Jun 8, 2013

French Hoard Of U.S. Gold Coins Sold At Auction

some of the coins
This is such a strange yet wonderful story that I might not believe it if I had not seen part of it with my own eyes. It all began in February of 2012 in a small French village, Les Riceys. 
The Lanson Champagne people were remodeling a long-vacant building in their village. 
As was told to me by Enguerrand Baijot, managing director of the company, "One of the worker was attacking an abandoned building's ceiling with a crowbar when gold coins started to rain down on him, followed by sacks of gold." 
He went on to tell me that the origin of the treasure was not known, but they know that the building, a former grape-drying facility, belonged to a wine producer who traded extensively with Great Britain and the UnIted States in the 1930s, and it was thought that they were placed there by him sometime prior to World War II.