Nov 30, 2011

Aqua Vu Micro - Color Underwater Video Search Cam

I'm pretty sure that I do not need to explain how useful the Aqua Vu Micro could be for all you treasure hunters/Fishermen out there! All I know is that I want one!
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Nov 23, 2011

Treasure Hunter Alert- The Search For A Priceless Artifact

This story has brought tears to my eyes .. If I lived anywhere near the crash site of Flight 708, Treasure Dave and I would have found that badge by now and returned it to it's rightful owner. If their are any Treasure Hunters/explorers who live near this site and are able to get up there, you need to start making plans to do that as soon as the window opens ..

Nov 16, 2011

Buried Treasure - The Story Of The Double Eagles ..

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Metal Detecting Diver Finds Lost Engagement Ring

WHEN a scuba diver recently emerged from the waters of the Dawn Fraser Baths shouting, “I’ve got it!”, there were more than a few bemused locals.

However, the tears of relief from Joanne Norman as her engagement ring was returned to her slowly revealed a tale of love, perseverance, a very unusual hobby - and a huge dollop of luck.

The drama began two weeks earlier when Joanne was playing water polo at the century-old sea baths. A handy save in goal saw the ball ricochet away - along with the “perfect” engagement ring her former special forces soldier and now husband had bought for her.

“I was devastated because Stuart had saved for the ring while on a tour of duty in Afghanistan and it meant more to me than a piece of jewellery. “The bottom of the ocean pool was covered in silt and constantly moving.
We tried to find it but with the (fading) light we were forced to give up.” Ms Norman went on to hire some salvage divers to continue the search ... but to no avail.

Then an online search found a saviour in Brad Lovell, who just happens to combine scuba diving and metal detecting as a sideline business. He warned Joanne the chance of finding the ring was remote but began methodically turning over the sediment.

Minutes later Brad popped up, then asked the sobbing mum: “Would this be your engagement ring?”

BRAD Lovell’s underwater metal detecting business grew out of demand. ‘‘I was using the detector as a hobby looking for coins on the shoreline and people would ask me for help with lost rings or car keys in the shallows. When the requests came from people in deeper water, I thought it was time to do a scuba diving course.

‘‘Once the word spread among my friends that I owned a detector, the requests began coming in fast.
 The gratification I feel when reuniting people with a lost engagement or wedding ring is indescribable.’’

FACT FILE Former world surfing champion Layne Beachley lost her engagement ring while playing in the Harbour. After an hour of searching and digging up rusty coins, Brad found a ring. When he saw a sparkling diamond and the smile on her face, he knew it was the right ring.

Nov 6, 2011

Ancient Chinese Coin Found In The Canadian Yukon

A Chinese coin more than 300 years old has been found near a proposed mine site in Yukon in north of Canada.

 James Mooney, a cultural resource specialist with Ecofor Consulting Limited, spotted the coin while doing heritage impact assessment work for Western Copper and Gold Corporation. “I was less than a metre from our archaeologist Kirby Booker when she turned over the first shovel of topsoil and I caught sight of something dangling from the turf. It was the coin—the neatest discovery I’ve ever been part of,” says Mooney.
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 Minted between 1667 and 1671, the coin was found within the Selkirk First Nation traditional territory on the historic Dyea to Fort Selkirk trade route. The coin adds to the body of evidence that the Chinese connected with Yukon First Nations through Russian and coastal Tlingit traders during the late 17th and 18th centuries and possibly as early as the 15th century, according to a release from Western Copper and Gold.

Although common along the northwest coast of present-day North America, only three Chinese coins have been found in Yukon to date. The coins are round with a square hole in the centre, but the one found by Ecofor has four additional small holes above each corner of the central square. “The extra holes could have been made in China; coins were sometimes nailed to a gate, door, or ridgepole for good luck,” says Mooney. “Alternatively, First Nations might have made the extra holes to attach them to clothing. They used the coins as decoration or sewed them in layers like roofing shingles onto hide shirts to protect warriors from arrow impacts.” The Russians traded items such as tobacco, tea, beads, firearms, iron implements, kettles, needles, clothing, and flour directly with the Tlingit in exchange for a variety of furs, which they traded to the Chinese in exchange for goods.

 Mooney says the location of the find, on a promontory overlooking a river and creek tributary, is a likely place for a traveller to have rested or camped between Dyea, Alaska, and Fort Selkirk in Yukon. Although the coin was discovered in July, he says fact-checking had to be done and information gathered before the find was announced publicly. The history of the coin is special in that it was number six in a series of “poem coins” that were used as good luck charms during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. Kangxi was renowned for his poetry. He was also associated with peace, prosperity, and longevity, so people gradually developed the custom of collecting a coin cast from each of 20 mints, putting them on a string and carrying them for good luck. The coins were placed in a certain order to create the poem.

 Of the other two Chinese coins found in Yukon, one was minted 1724-1735, and the other, discovered back in 1993, is from between 1403 and 1424. The coin found in 1993 was discovered in a travel corridor near an overland gold rush trail by Beaver Creek. However, because it was found in an archaeological setting, it was likely brought into the interior before the Klondike Gold Rush. “So far I believe each of these three coins was found only with prehistoric materials and no other historic materials, making them likely traded into the interior,” says Mooney.

Lost Siberian Treasure & The Search For Imperial Jewels!

Lake Baikal,Siberia
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Nov 5, 2011

Boca Raton Man Searches For Buried Treasure In Jupiter Park

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                    Boca Raton Man Searches For Buried Treasure - Video - WPBF West Palm Beach